Air compressors produce compressed air and have a wide assortment of industrial uses, incorporating as force sources in industrial facilities. Saimona initially started producing air compressors and from that point forward its air compressors have developed with the passing a very long time to meet different needs. Saimona has been working specifically on energy saving Air Compressor. Oil free scroll compressors, which produce clean compressed air that doesn’t contain oil, are likewise equipped with an inverter, which diminishes power utilization. Besides, the new Saimona screw compressor series is equipped with an “air use point pressure forecast control” work that saves energy by lessening waste strain.

This control technology is introduced standard in the 22-to 100-kW models of the oil-flooded rotary screw compressor series and in the 15-to 120-kW models of the oil free rotary screw compressor series. Moving forward into the future, Saimona will add to diminishing CO2 emanations and forestalling a dangerous atmospheric deviation while reacting quickly to client needs through the manufacture, sale, and serving of air compressors.

Steps for Energy saving Air compressor:

  • Evaluate compressed air costs
  • Identify and optimize wasted air
  • Calculate execution
  • Reduce pressure drop
  • Stabilize system pressure
  • Emphasize proper maintenance

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