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Saimona Compressor Ltd. is India based company engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Air Compressors which have unmatched quality. Saimona is rated as one of the most reliable and reputed brands in Screw Compressor , PM technology power saving Screw compressor & two stage screw compressors.

Our group believes in utilizing our technology know how and engineering expertise to offer high quality standard products to our clients by our innovated high quality screw compressor . We design and manufacturing screw compressor with latest technology screw compressors with maximum power saving by our engineering design and perfect selection of material for our each model of screw compressors.

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Saimona is a certified leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Air Compressors and Screw Compressor.

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Saimona Group has achieved the success today because of implementing latest technology in its Designing and production by following the famous Kaizen Model. Saimona Group has left no leaf unturned in offering high quality, durable and cost effective products over the years and hence has won the trust and satisfaction from all its clients spread nationally and across the globe.