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We understand that you have a work to complete, so we have designed a variety of high-quality and low-maintenance commercial and industrial air compressors to fit your needs.

Generally air compressor changes over power (utilizing an electric engine, diesel or fuel motor, and so forth) into potential energy put away in compressed air (i.e., compacted air). It is finished by utilizing a few strategies, an air compressor powers increasingly more air into a capacity tank, expanding the pressing factor. Our industrial air compressors made are broadly utilized in lion’s share of the industrial for fueling pneumatic hardware and devices, cleaning purposes, for providing packed air, and so forth cars, mining and horticulture and are utilized in practically all assembling exercises all throughout the planet.

We are the most great Industrial Air Compressors that are contemplatively worked according to the customer explicit necessity. For instance our industrial air compressors are like the manner in which your motor works, where it utilizes the innovation of cylinder power to move and pack air inside the machine. Cylinders that are controlled by power, gas, or diesel fuel push down on air that enters the compressor framework. We offer different industrial air compressor items across all applications to guarantee our clients get the correct item for their particular industry and we driving turning screw air compressor producers that are energy saving air compressor. We are the best Air Compressor Dealers in Gujarat that incorporates a wide scope of innovation choices of industrial air compressor that are most appropriate to meet customer particular. Our air compressor comes in wide exhibit of answers for select from: responding or rotational screw, sans oil or oil-greased up, factor speed or fixed speed. We offer a screw compressor/responding compressor/oil-greased up compressor with 100 HP machine that meet the customer particular.

Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial rotary screw compressors from 3 to 700 hp

The innovation and plan of Saimona’s industrial air compressors are the consequence of more than 100 years of development and quality craftsmanship. A practice of greatness drives innovation improvement with propels in air end configuration, controls, and framework configuration to guarantee our customers can address the every day difficulties of their assembling activities.

Every one of our screw compressors is intended for:

Rough dependability

Saimona’s screw compressors meet our thorough “worked for a lifetime” standard. Planned and worked with Saimona’s ages of assembling experience, you can have confidence that these compressors will keep on conveying the air you need with the uncommon dependability you anticipate from a Saimona blower.


From the beginning, these compressors have been planned in light of the client. Less wearing parts and premium quality materials guarantee diminished support necessities, longer assistance stretches, and expanded help life. Brilliant part designs with liberally measured support entryways essentially support and decrease vacation.

Ensured productivity

In our exhaustive plan approach, saimona picks the segments that cooperate in the most energy-proficient way that is available. Every single segment — from channel to release spine — has been deliberately chosen in view of execution. Truth be told, our compressors are up to 30% more proficient than the opposition. With Saimona’s unrivaled incorporated controls, we ensure a productive framework with lower working expenses, anyway little or huge your interest might be.

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