Saimona Compressor Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of industrial air compressor in Ahmedabad, India. We manufacture the full scope of Two- stage Rotary screw Air Compressor for the present industrial prerequisites. A 2 phase air compressor is a kind of compressor which compresses the air in two stages. In this air compressor, the liquid compresses two times. It has two cylinders, and every cylinder has a piston. This air compressor utilizes two cylinders. It utilizes one for compressing the air while the second piston uses to transfer the compressed air from one cylinder to the second cylinder. This air compressor has a piston that associates with the crankshaft through an interfacing rod. When the crankshaft rotates the piston, the piston pushes ahead and in reverse. These compressors operate with natural gas or electricity. They are more normal since they are simpler to utilize. Conversely, gas compressors can be utilized in regions where power is difficult to utilize. These compressors are normally fixed and can be utilized to control different apparatuses over long periods. It requires low support.

Applications of Two-stage Compressor:-

  • Textile Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Fertilizer and Chemical Industries
  • Blowing Applications
  • Petrol Pump

We make progress toward consistent improvement and advancement in all that we do. That is the reason all of our air compressors are low noise, low maintenance and consume less energy reducing your expense of possession while augmenting the unwavering quality and execution you get from our items. Saimona is evaluated as one of the most reliable and reputed brands in screw compressor, Industrial Air compressor, Rotary Screw Air Compressor, and two stage screw compressors.

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